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Ice Music for Chicago

This sonified 3D fabricated black ice cello re-addresses the iconic 1972 work Ice Music for London by Jim McWilliams for Charlotte Moorman. The strikes, taps, scrapes, and gouges are translated into sound by artist Spencer Topel who diffuses these sounds across glass panels suspended around the gallery. 

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Circuit board album

A functional 1-bit electronic circuit board album. 'Noise Patterns' comes as a minimalist matte-black circuit board with a headphone jack in the side.

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'Atmosphere for Enjoyment' Exhibition: Harry Bertoia’s Environment for Sound

From May 3 to September 25, 2016, the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC presents two exhibitions focused on Harry Bertoia (1915–1978). Referred to collectively as 'Sonambient, these sculptures are interactive, kinetic, and audible forms consisting of bundles of metal rods that collide and set off radiant tones when agitated by wind or human touch. In his Pennsylvania barn, he recorded approximately 400 tapes, eventually producing eleven LPs with titles such as 'Phosphorescence' and 'Ocean Mysteries'.

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Audio Foam Cutter

A fully analog and kinetic way of sound visualisation. The Audio Foam Cutter transforms sound into styrofoam. A hot-wire cutter mounted on a servo motor which is controlled by audio signals, allows users to real-time cut the sound input vertically into the material. The resulting cutouts can be used to assemble casting molds or they can stand alone as  sound sculptures.
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Stereo People

The 'Stereo People' exhibition are stereoscopic photos of Belgrade’s cult rock bands in their personal ambiance of concert halls and rehearsal studios. The images are imprinted with shades of red and cyan colours in anaglyphic technology which gives a stereo image when viewed through 3D glasses.

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Birdsong Megaphone Nest

'Orator' is an object combining strong visual aesthetics with functional purposes, and fulfilling the needs of both birds and people. It combines a planter with an ergonomic bird feeder, a nest and a speaker. Clambering plant gradually transforms the cage into a safe and cozy nest, while the speaker enhances the sound of pleased birds singing.

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Voice Sculpture

This 3D printed sculpture, is the three-dimensional spectrogram of the voice of Neil Gershenfeld, American physicist and computer scientist, known for creating the concept of Fablabs. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ), director of the Center for Bits and Atoms. As the recording is played, green laser follows along, lighting up the peaks and valleys of the printed sound waves. A previous version reflected the voice of Barack Obama. 

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Boombox Retrospective at Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum turns into a living sound system through an installation of eighteen sculptural boom boxes. The exhibition will be comprised of 18 sculptural renderings of classic stereo models from the last decade. At the center of each piece is a boombox or speaker system builds around. The use of  different materials create politically charged juxtapositions or just plain humorous refurbishings.

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