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An interactive ambiance sound installation that reacts on the humidity of the room, the temperature of the audience’s skin and translates the vaporization rate into a sound modulation. 

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A sound art and design product which plays the sounds from a Finnish forest, bringing audible and tactile nature closer to our daily lives

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Koka's music machines

Koka is often regarded as a post - composer and creative designer in music, including instruments and tools for making music, performance, installation art.

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'Wallwave Vibrations' at ArtPrize

A relief audio sculpture in dialogue with architecture. Loris Cecchini liquifies the walls of art galleries by turning them into pools of undulating waves caused by sound.

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Polyphonic Playground Choreography

A multi-sensory dance piece for an interactive sound installation. The abstract, upscaled children's climbing frame acts as a musical backdrop to an intimate duet, danced by a male and female dancer. 

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Yarn installation lets you experience music physically

A colourful creation, made from yarn, that represents the sounds of music in a physical form. 'Synth' is taking place in the decaying atmosphere of an abandoned Washington D.C. building. The lines of yarn let you follow along becoming connected with the piece and the more you do so, the colours blend drawing you to another world, just like music does. 

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