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Sculptural Musical Weather Scores

Translate weather data into sculptures and music. A series of musical scores entirely based on weather data, which are adapted by composers to musical performance. In conjunction, these scores are also translated into woven sculptural, data translations that also function as 3D musical scores. Weaving as a highly effective grid through which to interpret data in three-dimensional space and sound.

#NathalieMiebach #SoundSculpture #BigData #SoundArt #MusicSculpture #ContemporaryArt #Weather #WeatherScores #DataVisualisation #ContemporaryMusic #MakingWaves #SOLOMusicGallery

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Brutalist Noise Ensemble

Brutalism architecture reflected in sound art sculptures. Each piece incorporates a different combination of the sound-sculptures and is composed as a one or two-bar long pattern that goes through an endless loop. Strictly metric and pulse-based rhythms are used as a sonic metaphor for the grid-based and geometric structure of Brutalist architecture.  While these sound sculpture pieces might at first seem merely noisy and harsh, there is a hypnotic allure and a poetry to them. The monolithic appearance, visibility of material, valuation of crude concrete, strict geometries, repetitive modules, lack of nonfunctional ornamentation, these were all fundamental principles of Brutalism architecture, which are constructed in these sound-sculptures
#MoHZareei #Brutalism #Architecture #SoundArt #SoundSculpture #Robotics #KineticArt #ContemporaryArt #Iran

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Sound art in the streets

Street sound interventions to stumble across. Sounds who are left behind in public space. Transient in nature, lasting only until the battery ran out, or until someone vandalised or stole them. The MiMA in Brussels recently opened, a new museum dedicated to street art, whilst last year a new museum dedicated to electronic music was announced for Frankfurt. The emergence and formalisation of these once-marginal genres of art lead us to look at their fusion and their history. #MrUnderwood #StreetArt #SoundArt #ContemporaryArt #TechArt #ExperimentalArt #InstallationArt #MiMA

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Soft Revolvers

A music performance for four acryl spinning tops. Each spinning top, 10’ in diameter, is associated with an ‘instrument’ or part in an electronic music composition. Gyroscopes and accelerometers communicate with a computer where the motion data is collected (speed, instability, acceleration, etc.) which is used for a music algorithm. LEDs placed inside the tops illuminate the body of the objects in counterpoint to the music. A camera placed above the performance table provides a video projection behind the artist, as an integral part of the performance. The behaviour of the objects adds unpredictability and makes each performance unique. #MyriamBleau #SoundArt #PerformanceArt #SpinningTop #Turntabllism #MusicPerformance #ContemporaryArt #DJ #HipHop #ElectronicMusic #VideoArt

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Audio Foam Cutter

A fully analog and kinetic way of sound visualisation. The Audio Foam Cutter transforms sound into styrofoam. A hot-wire cutter mounted on a servo motor which is controlled by audio signals, allows users to real-time cut the sound input vertically into the material. The resulting cutouts can be used to assemble casting molds or they can stand alone as  sound sculptures.
#ReinhardGupfinger #SoundShifting #AudioFoamCutter #SoundArt #MusicSculpture #SoundSculpture #AudioVisualisation #ContemporaryArt #TechArt #InstallationArt #FoamCutting #3D

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The best music and sound related art of Art Cologne

An overview of the best of music and sound related art at Art Cologne, the world's oldest art fair for modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st century.

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Ultra Acoustic Materials

In this 'Golfvorm' installation series on ultra acoustic waves, the artist focusses on gravity and time. The iron elements come in three different constellations: iron as a mineral, iron as a steel component and iron oxidising in an aesthetic interpretation of a 'buckling' set-up. #ChristophDeBoeck  #HelgePfeiffer #SoundArt #Acoustics #Material #ContemporaryArt #InstallationArt #SoundSculpture #Sculpture #UltraAcousticEmission

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Future of Audio program at Art Basel Hong Kong

(Daniel) Sennheiser presented their new Future Audio Artists Program at Art Basel Hong Kong, which invites visionary artists to present their interpretation of the Future of Audio with sound projects that redefine the way we experience music and art. A series of mini documentaries features sound artists like #NigelStanford, #PedroReyes and #NikNowak.

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Voice Sculpture

This 3D printed sculpture, is the three-dimensional spectrogram of the voice of Neil Gershenfeld, American physicist and computer scientist, known for creating the concept of Fablabs. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ), director of the Center for Bits and Atoms. As the recording is played, green laser follows along, lighting up the peaks and valleys of the printed sound waves. A previous version reflected the voice of Barack Obama. 

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Heliophone Sunlight Sound

The installation uses Bell's photo-acoustic principle. It follows the trajectory of the sun, catching the sunlight and focusing it, via a parabolic lens, onto one point. A rotating disk chops the light up into small fragments. A photo-acoustic cell transforms these fragments into sound, made audible by a large horn. The tonality of the installation changes with the intensity of light.

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Boombox Retrospective at Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum turns into a living sound system through an installation of eighteen sculptural boom boxes. The exhibition will be comprised of 18 sculptural renderings of classic stereo models from the last decade. At the center of each piece is a boombox or speaker system builds around. The use of  different materials create politically charged juxtapositions or just plain humorous refurbishings.

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Canvas amplifiers evoke questions of power

'Variations' are inverted amplifiers and speakers showing their inside components. Re-inserted as visual components onto cotton and linen canvases. The wires puncture in and out of the canvas to create a visual composition. Connected to power, each canvas retains their functional role with a set sound and volume level.

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