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New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference

Musicians and their machines gather in Brisbane to create sounds of the future.

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War Damaged Musical Instruments

Collect, record and display old musical instruments which were damaged by war. Fourteen recordings of British and German brass and wind instruments damaged in conflicts over the last centuries.

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Neon Drums Series

Neon portals and ladders of light in acoustic drums. While these works picks up on the minimalists' reduction to simple geometric structures, serial reproduction, and the use of industrially produced music instruments, it imbues these elements with social references. Alluded to great American minimal and concept artists such as Dan Flavin or Dan Graham, an integral aspect of this works is the references to recent Chilean history: the military junta of Augusto Pinochet. The light flowing through his sculptures and mirror works can be read both as a metaphor for enlightenment and as one for economic and political power wielded in democratic and totalitarian systems to regulate and control all kinds of energies, be they financial, electricity, goods, or information. 

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Field Recording Photos

A photographic and audible study of nature. 'Nash Point / Monk Nash' is a photographic, phonographic and electro-acoustic study of a stretch of the Glamorgan coastline recorded over a year. The area is hostile to humans: unstable collapsing stones, strong currents and low frequency rumble, give it a sense of otherness. The area fluctuates between stillness and violence, quiet and noise: noise that silences the internal monologue. On a calm day the sound of the lone gong buoy resonates clearly and carries to the shore. The walk from Nash Point down to Monk Nash can be eerily peaceful, and yet instability always hangs in the air. #WillParker #mono_on #SoundArt #FieldRecording #Photography #ContemporaryArt #Photo #NashPoint #MonkNash #Acoustics #EnvironmentalSound

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Birdsong Megaphone Nest

'Orator' is an object combining strong visual aesthetics with functional purposes, and fulfilling the needs of both birds and people. It combines a planter with an ergonomic bird feeder, a nest and a speaker. Clambering plant gradually transforms the cage into a safe and cozy nest, while the speaker enhances the sound of pleased birds singing.

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Ultra Acoustic Materials

In this 'Golfvorm' installation series on ultra acoustic waves, the artist focusses on gravity and time. The iron elements come in three different constellations: iron as a mineral, iron as a steel component and iron oxidising in an aesthetic interpretation of a 'buckling' set-up. #ChristophDeBoeck  #HelgePfeiffer #SoundArt #Acoustics #Material #ContemporaryArt #InstallationArt #SoundSculpture #Sculpture #UltraAcousticEmission

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