Those Who Make Waves is an online magazine about those who make waves in interdisciplinary fields of sound and music. It's about dancing about architecture while listening to design. It's about sounding art and sculptured music. It's about the unusual in an abundance of sound.

Simon de Koning
Founder / Editor
Founder of Those Who Makes Waves and SOLO Music Gallery. Presenting and representing sound art artists in a digital age.
Tobias Fisher
Tobias was the founder and former editor-in-chief of leading new music site and a cultural editor for Germany's biggest Printmag on Recording, 'Beat'.  He regularly writes for arts magazine 'White Fungus' and has contributed liner notes to a wide range of releases, from contemporary composer Steve Reich to ambient master vidnaObmana. Tobias originally developed the 15 Questions interview for, featuring close to 400 artists as part of the series between 2005 and 2012 and continually adjusting the questionnaire. For, he has now expanded the concept to include journalists, PR managers and sound engineers. Tobias currently lives in Berlin, Germany.