Recording studio at French Pavilion Venice biennale

A recording studio as a sculpture.. Artist Xavier Veilhan has transformed the 1912 French Pavilion into a giant sound sculpture for the Venice Biennale.

Animas River Sound Sculpture

The metal sound sculptures acknowledges how our limited temporal sensibilities are challenged by the imbrication of the geologic time of minerals, the historical time of extractive industries, and the immediate urgency of sane and equitable responses to rapid ecological change.


An interactive ambiance sound installation that reacts on the humidity of the room, the temperature of the audience’s skin and translates the vaporization rate into a sound modulation. 

Creative Sonority at Art Basel Hong Kong

For (Daniel) Sennheiser, its driving vision is to push the boundaries of what is possible to shape the future of audio, at the Art Basel VIP Collectors Lounge.

Sound & music art at Art Basel Hong Kong

An overview of sound and music related art at Art Basel's fifth edition in Hong Kong features 242 premier galleries from 34 countries and territories.

Candle drone

The candles are the musicians of this sound installation, and their diversity in size slowly yet irregular transform the pitched sound of each organ pipe.

Simon de KoningComment
Music review: Microtub - Bite of the Orange

Exploring pitch relations within a multidimensional space. Three compositions for microtonal tubas performed by the trio of Robin Hayward, Martin Taxt and Peder Simonsen. -Tobias Fischer

The uncomfortable sound of the European refugee crisis.

A sensorial take on analyzing the European refugee crisis. Photography, video and sound operate simultaneously, for a little too long, causing discomfort.

10 Unique Exclusive Music Releases

An overview of very limited edition music releases and music recordings where the medium retains a physicality and connects the artist with its audience.