SONARE sculpture exhibition

IDEA: An exhibition of eccentric, ingenious musical sculptures and other artworks by artist-musicians Ken Butler and Ed Potokar.

WHAT: Although their intentions are rather similar, the two artists in SONARE are differentiated by the finished product. Butler exclusively uses up-cycled and transformed objects without much concern for a polished look. Potokar, on the other hand, uses mostly raw materials and fine wood with an interest in finish and craftsmanship. Both artists are motivated by things 'at hand' rather than by pre-existing plans, and are essentially improvisers. The resulting music and soundscapes are a by-product of these creations. The multi-media artworks in SONARE challenge previous notions of form and function as seemingly random juxtapositions of found objects, raw materials, electronics, and implied sounds force you to reconsider musical instruments as fine art. SONARE presents a unique confluence of art, instruments, sound, and performance.

WHY: Butler and Potokar believe a new definition is required as unprecedented access to new technologies has hybridized previous notions of what it means to be a musician, a composer, an artist, an instrument designer, a performer, or a gallery. The integration of all our senses, and the fusion of disciplines within an exhibition space are contemporary notions. While we see only what is in our field of vision, sound and light are pervasive, intrusive, and emanate in all directions, vibrating the walls and engulfing the surroundings unlike any static object. These innovative works bridge visual art, design, sound art and music, as function and form collide in an environment of sound, light, and motion. 

BY: Ken ButlerEd Potokar at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY, until october 9th.

Ken Butler, Hybrid Cubism Twelve Pick

Ken Butler, Blue Cubist

Ken Butler, Drift wood Foam Violin

Ken Butler, Rifle Cane Archery Combo

Ed Potokar, The Trio

Ed Potokar, Contraverb

Ed Potokar, Bamesen

Ed Potokar, Receptor

SONARE at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.