Time Strata

Margaret Noble, Bell Chime, 2016
An interactive and kinetic circle of bells.

IDEA: A sculpture that’s also performance, with the audience generating a composition in real time, together with nature and industry.

WHAT:  'Time Strata' was a site specific installation which occupied the pier on the edge of the Cesar Chavez Park pier in Barrio Logan, San Diego, California over two weekends in October. These events featured live streaming audio from several sound sculptures, the architecture of the pier, the natural environment, and electricity. A total of eight sound sources were channeled live to interactive listening stations where audiences could isolate and layer sounds on discreet digital mixers.

It’s not just sound, it’s not just sculpture, you get to touch it. But even though you get to touch it, it doesn’t mean it’s a toy. There’s this confusion for everybody. It’s not just for pleasure, but I do want you to have something fun and meaningful, so I’m learning how to navigate that. For me, it’s kind of uncharted territory and everything is experimental.
— Margaret Noble in the San Diego Union Tribune

WHY: Once the listener puts on headphones, there’s a sensory disconnect. Imagine hearing sounds that can’t be seen (metal railings vibrating, ship engines churning) while seeing things that can’t be heard. It’s a different kind of augmented reality, one that Noble hopes will make people orient their ears to the world as much as their eyes.

BY: Margaret Noble commissioned by the Port of San Diego.

Margaret Noble, Tide Rattler, 2016
A partially submerged percussive raft made of vintage buoys, bamboo, and metal tubes.

Margaret Noble, Wind Harp, 2016
A 12-foot pillar of wood, stainless steel, concrete and piano strings.

Margaret Noble, Wind Mallets, 2016
Striking the metal pier railing.

Margaret Noble, Snapping Shrimp, 2016
The sounds of snapping shrimp which live under the pier.

Margaret Noble, Electrical Ambiance, 2016
Sourced from the frequencies emitted by digital technology.