Ceramic Sound Sculptures

Cecil Kemperink, Big Rhythm

IDEA: Interwoven ceramics to move, hear and see.

WHAT: The work is made out of rings of clay, creating a new shape every time it is been put down. This movement of the work changes the shape and acoustic sounds, which makes the work more spacious, and requires the viewer to actively participates  in the work. The movement is an important part of the expressiveness of the work. It also shows immediately how important the connections are, and how each movement has an effect on every ring. Every part is essential and affects the other. The ceramics make it very tactile and expected to be vulnerable. The sculptures are difficult to steer as it will always move and twist differently than you would expect.

WHY: The importance of connecting: every ceramic connection effects the sound of the other.

BY: Cecil Kemperink, go to her Instagram profile to see more videos and photos.

Cecil Kemperink, Big Waves

Cecil Kemperink

Cecil Kemperink, Kindness

Cecil Kemperink, Lemniscaat blue-brown, 2014

Cecil Kemperink, Keep Moving, 2014

Cecil Kemperin