Sound Tank at Art Basel Miami

Nik Nowak, Panzer, 2011

IDEA: A research on the potential effects of sound and the role sound systems can have as a cultural transmitter or in the form of an acoustic weapon.

WHAT: A 'Sound Tank' performance in Miami’s popular Gramps club as part of Sennheiser’s Future Audio Artist Program, during Art Basel's show in Miami Beach. The 1.5-ton mobile machine with its 4,000-watt speaker-wall can be hydraulically erected and develops into an audio-visual essay. It is a hybrid of a Jamaican sound system, a tank, and a stealth aircraft.

My sound objects are both sculptures and functioning sound systems.
— Nik Nowak

Nik Nowak collaborated with Miami bass legend Neil Case, aka Bass Mekanik, artist Billy E. and video-artist and longtime collaborator Moritz Stumm, in order to create an exclusive performance that plumbs the psychic and physical potential of sound.

WHY: The jury of the Sennheiser Future Audio Artist Program invited the artist to present his art during Art Basel's show. For Novak building the ‘Sound Tank’ was a form of resistance, an active refusal.

BY: Nik Nowak

Nik Nowak, Panzer, 2011

Nik Nowak, Panzer, 2011

Nik Nowak, Panzer (detail), 2011

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