World Listening Day on July 18

IDEA: An annual celebration of the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments.

WHAT: World Listening Day 2016’s theme, “Sounds Lost and Found,” calls on reminiscing, listening and observing what changes in our soundscapes have occurred in recent decades—be it language, nature, technology, music or even silence itself. For “Sounds Lost and Found,” we invite you to dig into crates of vinyl and cassettes, dive into digital archives, and engage deeply with memories and unheard languages to rediscover or identify these “lost sounds.” In doing so, “Sounds Lost and Found” hopes to spotlight the need for effective and accessible conservatory efforts to be implemented to preserve some of these sounds—whether those efforts include archival projects, changing our daily practices or supporting the preservation of indigenous languages and engaging with the keepers of and archiving fading oral traditions where that seems impossible. We can protect and celebrate sounds whose vitality can be vulnerable and fragile.

WHY: Raise awareness about the growing number of individual and group efforts that creatively explore acoustic ecology based on the pioneering efforts of the World Soundscape Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, La Semaine du Son, Deep Listening Institute, among many others.

BY: #WorldListeningProject

As part of World Listening Day, celebrated around the world on July 18th, birthday of R. Murray Schafer, the founder of the Soundscape, Tokyo Phonographers Union and Pioneer Global Sounds present “Listening to the day: Sounds of July 18th.“ Using Pioneer’s “Global Sounds” & iPhone application which allows you to record, upload and share sounds, please contribute the sounds you hear in your city on July 18th. Like an Instagram or a Tweet, let’s share the sounds you hear at home or in your town, a moment of your life, with people from around the world. With the theme of “listening to sound, enjoying sound and rediscovering the world through sound,” anybody, even if you’ve never recorded sound before, can participate in the project.

Download the Global Sounds iPhone App here: