Autonomous tube performance

IDEA: An instrument that autonomously performs a composition thru space and movement.

WHAT: Circuit 03 was realised as a site-specific sound installation for high-ceiled spaces (Hoge Ruimtes at Z33). The installation, composed by long tubes, plays with the feedback principle to produce sounds with which the artist created a composition. Feedback is created when microphones and loudspeakers are aimed at each other. The shapes of the tubes, the resonance patterns and the placement of the loudspeaker are only a few of the parameters determining the pitch of the sounds produced. 

WHY: The artist created a composition, however, the sound composition is not a freestanding given, but is also created by the special resonance of the space and changes when the visitor changes positions and moves around.

BY: Jeroen Vandesande, produced by Overtoon, coproduced by Z33. 02.06.2016 - 31.07.2016
Last chance so see it this weekend at Klangraum Krems, in Krems, Austria.