The Gamelatron

Gamelatron Murniati (one part of a triptych), 2015

IDEA: Re-contextualize tradition and grant artistic license to creatively re-engineer the Gamalan's potential role in a changing society. 

WHAT: The world's first fully robotic gamelan orchestra. Handcrafted, masterfully-tuned orchestras of vibraphones, drums, chimes, bells and resonating bronze gongs are played by mechanical mallets installed to immerse the audience in living kinetic sculptures. The artworks’ mission is to expand the legacy and creative cultural power of gamelan through innovation. The Gamelatron Project exposes us to the rich and profound nature of resonance and its effect on the psyche. It strives to create a harmony in the tension of fusing the East and the West, the Modern and the Ancient. The contrasting materials and mechanisms tell us a story of globalisation and modernisation. 

WHY: It draws on the thousand year old sonic tradition of Indonesia Gamelan and the emerging field of robotics to create magical, viscerally-powerful, site-specific performances, installations and stand alone art works.

BY: Aaron Taylor Kuffner

Gamelatron Murniati (one part of a triptych), 2015

Gamelatron Pohon Electrum, 2015

Gamelatron Pohon Electrum (Reyong Detail), 2015

Gamelan Kebangkitan: The Red Birds (one part of a diptych), 2015

Gamelatron Empat Bunga (2 panels of 4), 2014

Gamelatron Cemerlang, 2015

Gamelatron NemSijiRo, 2016

Gamelatron NemSijiRo (Detail), 2016

Single Tone Mindfullness Sculpture, 81.8 hertz Garis

Gamelantron Pink Besi Nong, 2014

Gamelatron Roh Ageng (Peking Detail), 2016