Koka's music machines

IDEA: A PhD research project at the Norwegian Academy of Music with the main question: how to hack performers. 

WHAT: Koka is often regarded as a post - composer and also a creative designer in music. This includes a broad range of things, such as composing operas, designing musical instruments and tools for making music, performance, installation art, etc. He collaborates with a number of artists internationally and also holds lectures in composition and computer music worldwide.

WHY: The will of creating is one of the most dominant human instincts, composes music and invents things. 

BY: Koka Nikoladze

Koka’s Stepper Miniature is made of a single stepper motor. Sound of the motor is amplified with a contact microphone. Keyboard is made of metal screws and it senses capacitive touch. Attaching different objects, such as springs and office binders to a rotor, changes colour of the tone and its texture.
Soundtrack Box No. 1 was made to produce music for a feature film. It provided me with just as many limitations and possibilities, as I needed in order to be fully comfortable in the creative process. This video briefly demonstrates some of its capabilities. The soundtrack itself has of course more musical value. I often have to convince my friends that the box has its own reverb and no additional effects are used. There's just an extension spring inside the box and a little contact microphone attached to it. Now I've decided to make a new box for every film I'm asked to compose for in the future! Soundtrack boxes are fun!
Koka's beat machines are electromechanical musical instruments, which are programmable and produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns.
A rotary magnetic bow is designed and produced by Koka Nikoladze for extending string and percussion instruments.
Koka's beat machines are purely mechanical musical instruments, which are manually programmable and produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns.