A live coding device album

Printed pattern reels.

IDEA: A little device running software, which will processes algorithms that make the music, so open to remix it by playing with the code.

WHAT: 'Spicule' is an album released as a Pi Zero device with high quality audio in a custom case, allowing the tracks to be remixed using the custom made TidalCycles software, which is a free open source live coding environment. It allows you to make musical patterns with text, describing sequences and ways of transforming and combining them, exploring complex interactions between simple parts. 'Spicule LP' is Alex’s first solo album, following on from 'Peak Cut EP', both released on Sheffield label Computer Club with design by Human. 'Spicule' will be available in the form of the ‘Live Coding Device’ (LCD), a strictly limited run of 100 via PledgeMusic

WHY: The free and open-source version of a live processing album, give the feeling of being part of the creation and feels close to a live performance.

BY: Yaxu (Alex McLean) , crowdfunding is active until 13th August 2016.

Inside the Pi Zero case.

Inside the Pi Zero case.

Live coding

Previous release: Peak Cut

Live coding by Yaxu