Oroboro Brass Sculptures

SIRI, Metaleira III, 2015

IDEA: The Oroboro circle of music.

WHAT: Carioca sound artist Siri presented his solo exhibition 'Oroboro' at Galeria Mezanino in São Paulo. As the name title suggests, it refers to the symbolism of the snake eating its own tail, which in many cultures leads to rebirth, or something new. From there, the magic act of eating up and spitting out, your job no longer disassociates the 'art of life' and not the 'music of the visual arts'. 

WHY: His works gain structures and forms in videos, photographs, sculptures and especially in the materialisation of his music, breaking a musical evolution from the abstract to the concrete, emerging into another level of existence represented by the 'Oroboro' circle.


SIRI, Beijo invertido, 2016

SIRI, Mestiçagem, 2015


SIRI, Despedida, 2015

SIRI, Constelação 1, 2016

SIRI, Constelação 2, 2016

SIRI, Toque duplo, 2016