Mono Culture

Jochem Esser, MC.315 (Mono Culture), 2016

IDEA: What qualifies to be alive?

WHAT: The triptych installation, covers three glass cabinets containing speaker cones that slowly move plants up and down, adding a low kinetic frequency to their atmosphere. The work 'Mono Culture', or simply 'MC-315', reflects on what is natural and what is not. In this work Jochem contemplates; what qualifies to be alive? What if a plant is dependent on technological systems to live in an environment, does this mean these systems are part of the organism itself? Does life have to be biological? And can a synthetic autonomous system be alive as well?

WHY: Having grown up in Hoog-Keppel, a small town in near the Dutch-German border, Jochem Esser (1988, NL) uses the contrast between tradition and being the son of an employee of the tech-company IBM in his work. Through IBM he got in touch with advanced technology at an early age. Drawing upon this he developed a fascination for complex autonomous systems. By embedding these systems into his work he created visual relationships between plants, architecture, industry, humans and computer systems. His work mixes traditional craft with technology and ready-made objects. 

BY: Jochem Esser

Exhibition booth at This Art Fair Amsterdam 2016.

Jochem Esser, MC.315 (Mono Culture), 2016

Jochem Esser, MC.315 (Mono Culture), 2016