Upside down record player

LOVE Turntable

IDEA: Flip the traditional turntable upside down.

WHAT: It reads vinyl records with a traditional stylus, connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can be controlled by its app. However, they flipped the traditional concept, by turning the record player upside down. It turns counterclockwise on a still record. It can be controlled by a smartphone to play, skip and repeat tracks, alter the volume, and even select different RPM speeds. LOVE uses song recognition technology similar to Shazam and assigns each track a title. The LOVE turntable is designed by world-renowned product designer Yves Béhar, and based on that of classical instruments, with Béhar likening its shiny black finish to that of a grand piano.

WHY: It redefines and simplifies the way we interact with vinyl records, and shifts an analog gadget closer to the digital listening experience most people are accustomed to.

Love was born out of frustration, I thought the experience should be simpler. Sound-wise, it’s what you expect from a traditional turntable, but as far as user experience goes, it’s completely new.
— Founder CH Pinhas in WIRED

BY: LOVE soon available on Kickstarter.