12 sighs per hour

Ioana Vreme Moser, Orgažan - Hard Life / touch book gizmo, 2016

IDEA: An interactive tactile paper sound sculpture expressing our daily sighs.

WHAT: The pop-up book that sighs 12 times deeply when you touch it, is the first prototype of an upcoming series of responsive book-paper-instruments. After an open call on Facebook, Moser managed to gather 12 sighs after two nights, recorded by different persons. Some deep and regretful, some apologetic and some passionate. However, the implication in the process of the recording was near zero, the participants received the recorder and a separate space where they could sigh as sincerely as possible. Some of the sighs were recorded in other locations and collected via email.

WHY: 'Oftatul’ (sighing) is an involuntary gesture that occurs in our daily activities, sometimes expressing a lament. On average, a person sighs every five minutes, which translates into 12 sighs per hour. Mozer proposes to collect this short involuntary sounds, into a compilation of 12 sighs that are integrated and assembled as a fully functional instrument illustrating those moments that occur unobserved during one hour.

BY: Ioana Vreme Moser

Sound examples: