Aural Fabric

Alessia Milo, Aural Fabric, 2017

Alessia Milo, Aural Fabric, 2017

IDEA: A textile map plays back field recordings when touched.

WHAT: An interactive textile map allowing to listen to selected field recordings by touching areas of the map that can sense touch. The first map represents a selection of sounds from the area of Greenwich, London. The field recordings of the area were captured with binaural microphones as part of a group soundwalk led by the artists and Chris Wood that was part of a study on sonic perception. For the installation, Milo selected recordings of particular locations on the map that have a unique sonic identity. This work uses conductive thread, capacitive sensing and Bela to process sensor data and play back the field recordings. 

WHY: The textile map was created as a way of presenting these recordings to the general public. Milo wanted people to be able to explore the fabric surface of the map and hear the field recordings of the specific locations on the map as they touched it. 

BY: Alessia Milo

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