Problem Guitars

IDEA: Functional yet unconventionally devised instruments.

WHAT: Three custom guitars, a gong, maracas shaped like large closed fists, and a series of drum-heads ornated with his classic hand and slogans like 'LOOK AT THIS' and “PLEASE WAIT” The gong states the self-explaining text 'GONG'. While crafted with a luthier’s precision, the artist's mischievous design—guitars with one string, some fretless—results in unexpected sounds. The black-and-white guitars are connected to small amplifiers. Alongside the instruments, Shrigley will also present a new series of black and white drawings.


With the guitars, I subtracted something from them, which limits the possibility of using them. I like the fact that they beget other art, but, at the same time, deny the means to make it, or make it slightly more difficult. They require other artists, musicians in this case, to give them meaning and purpose.
— David Shrigley on

BY: British artist David Shrigley at the Anton Kern section of the Independent Art Fair, New York.