Creative Sonority at Art Basel Hong Kong

IDEA: Support the future of sound in contemporary art.

WHAT: KYMAT, a sound art installation by musician Sven Meyer that visually renders sound into dynamic, interactive art. A small pool of water is placed on a speaker. The sound waves form patterns on the water’s surface, which are filmed and dynamically transformed into beautiful and hypnotic works of interactive art that will be projected live onto the walls. The work evokes both the seeming chaos of the natural world and the order of mathematical laws.

WHY: For (Daniel) Sennheiser, its driving vision is to push the boundaries of what is possible to shape the future of audio. The collaboration with Sven Meyer is the latest development in Sennheiser’s Future Audio Artists Program.

We perceive sound with greater awareness if we can see it at the same time. In KYMAT, my visual rendering is not the translation of a machine − it comes straight from nature itself. I send a certain frequency into water [...] which creates a shape that suddenly calls to mind animals, snow and even the division of cells. The fascination that such an installation evokes can be explained by its capability to make sound visible in an aesthetically striking way.
— Sven Meyer

BY: Sven Meyer at Art Basel Hong Kong's VIP Collectors Lounge.


Object: Cat purr Frequency: 213,09 – 257,11 HZ
Microphone: / MKH 8020
Sonic image: Sea urchin & Peyote cactus

Object: Bass cello Frequency: 64,58 – 236,86 HZ
Microphone: MKH 8040 & MK 8
Sonic image: High and low pressure areas

Object: Ship horn
Frequency: 258,39 HZ
Microphone: MKH 8020
Sonic image: Ice crystal & Protozoon

Object: singing Ohm
Frequency: 137,59 - 256,79 HZ
Microphone: MKH 8040 & MK 8
Sonic image: Flower of life & Hexagon star

Object: Heartbeat
Frequency: 23,25 – 116,42 HZ
Microphone: MD 441-U
Sonic image: Cell division

Object: Voice Dr. Meyer
Frequency: 83,97 - 150,73 HZ
Microphone: MK 8
Sonic image: Black hole & Luminary