Music In Fabric

The Call To Prayer

IDEA: 'Silence if the fabric upon which notes are woven.' - Lawrence Duncan

WHAT: Award-winning artist Nadia-Anne Ricketts pioneers globally with her fusion of sound and vision by transforming any song or prayer into bespoke statement art pieces in her fabric series, titled 'BeatWoven'. Nadia uses her skillfully coded audio technology as an instrument to translate and reveal the invisible sonic geometrics behind the beats and sounds of music, to orchestrate literal tessellated woven pattern formations. Whilst carefully ensuring that the image of the sound does not get distorted, Nadia becomes a ‘composer’ of the pattern, playing with scale, editing and looping sections; much like a music producer's role when editing a track. Colour and yarn are then carefully selected to not only enhance the pattern but also the overall aesthetic of the fabric and with it the interior space with which it will eventually exist.

WHY: Ricketts allows the intangible of music to manifest into an aesthetically beautiful form, which, in turn becomes part of our physical space. The work sits at the intersection of art, craft and technology, connecting us to a new experience of both music and woven cloth.

Precisely because musical sound is abstract, intangible and ethereal - lost as soon as its gained - the visual experience of its production is crucial for locating and communicating musical sound within society and culture.
— Richard Leppert - Sight of Sound.
David Bowie, Let's Dance 60% Woven silk, 20% steel metallic yarns, and 20% linen.

David Bowie, Let's Dance
60% Woven silk, 20% steel metallic yarns, and 20% linen.

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2

Arabic Islamic Adhan, The Call To Prayer
Woven Silk, linen and gold coated pure silver metallised yarn, beech wood frame.
110 cm x 200 cm.