IDEA: Embrace obscure music formats, atypical packaging, and do-it-yourself ethics. 

WHAT: The sensory-driven macro-label from Bloomington (Indiana, USA) publishes limited editions of experimental audio and visual works with unlimited boundaries. They operate under utilitarian principles, focusing on minimalist design and maximum aesthetic. Although externally illogical, their anti-releases serve as a form of provocation that attempts to force interaction on the part of the listener by implementing tangible manifestations of abstract concepts. While seemingly unplayable in their presented state, the intention is that the consumer will actively seek a solution to playback rather than settle for the notion they are “art objects.”

It started kind of as a weird idea about releasing music that you couldn’t listen to or purchase. We never really could manifest a logical way to implement that, which is why it sort of evolved into the label. I guess it was more of an absurdist digital performance art, is what the idea was.
— Dante Augustus Scarlatti owner of Auris Apothecary on Noisey.

WHY: Through bizarre alterations of audio & visual mediums and tangible implementations of abstract concepts, they seek to raise the threshold of interactivity for audiences in a normally passive activity, and push artistic limits to their logical (and sometimes illogical) extremes.

BY: Auris Apothecary

Unholy Triforce, Siberiliszt Inferno, 2015

Unholy Triforce, Some Assembly Required, 2013

Dante Augustus Scarlatti & Lather, Severed Circuits, 2017

Rob Funkhouser, Baptism, 2017

Mike IX Williams, Glass Torn and War Shortage : The Purposeful Poisoning of a Shardless Society, 2011