Massive Attack's Mezzanine album as DNA-encoded spray paint

Massive Attack - DNA Spray Paint

Massive Attack - DNA Spray Paint

IDEA: Encode music into DNA spray paint.

WHAT: 1 million copies of the Mezzanine album encoded in 901'065 DNA sequences, each 146 basepairs long and encapsulated in silicone particles for long-term storage stability. Limited editions of specially commissioned and manufactured aerosols which contain the DNA of Massive Attack's legendary Mezzanine album. Each can of paint is sold in a unique box, and comes with a signed 3D instruction certificate.

Read more about the details of the encoding process here

It’s a creative way to store your back catalogue, although DNA-encoded spray paint is unlikely to be adopted by street artists seeking anonymity. - Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja

WHY: To mark the 20th anniversary of the seminal 1998 album Mezzanine.

BY: Massive Attack, in conjunction with Turboheards Zurich.