Land Harps

IDEA: The Land Harps project revolves around sculptures that enable the landscape to create sound compositions.

WHAT: Secured to a sturdy form in the landscape, the walnut body of the instrument is outfitted with tuning machines and an internal piezo contact microphone. Piano wire is strung from the body of the instrument and secured to the bottom of a creek bed where the current of the water vibrates the strings at different pitches depending on the line tension, speed of the water and if anything happens to come in contact with the wires. As recordings progress, the current of the creek gradually alters the tuning of the instrument, producing subtle variations in tone and results in an overall composition.

WHY: Originating from pictorial ideas cultivated in drawings and paintings, the project has always been simultaneously thought of as an installation as well as an instrument.  The resulting work is a contemplation within the constant flux of landscape, a study of its pacing and intervals.

BY: David Andree