Music for ceiling fan and tubes

Artistic ideas are like mutations of the reasonable. They might lead nowhere or to the development of something new. The beauty is in following the path revealing. 

'Music or Ceiling Fan and Tubes' is a performance with a ceiling fan and two corrugated tubes. One tube is attached to a fan blade to create a constant tone while the fan rotates. A smaller corrugated tube is played as a 'flute' while laying underneath the rotating ceiling fan. The ends of the tubes are used to play the fan blades percussively. 

Klaas loves to put attention to things that might not have artistic value at first sight and search for a way to create something that he find poetic. If he can make the temptation disappear to ask why, he might have found what he was looking for.

The journey to South Kurdistan left a deep impression on me. I learned a lesson in serenity, endurance and hospitality. I feel I learned something that should be fundamental to our human existence. If this is the ‘Wild Kurdistan’ people meant I feel that the world should be a wilder place
— Klaas Hübner

Klaas Hübner (Germany), performed in the Amnasuraka (Red Museum) in Suleymania, South Kurdistan, Iraq, Space 21 Festival, April 2018

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