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Sounding Moby-Dick

'Sounding' derives from the book Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, and is an evocation of the bygone crafts of sailing and whaling and the struggles of men at sea, and also from its powerful and ever-relevant dissection of monomania.

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Land Harps

The Land Harps project revolves around sculptures that enable the landscape to create sound compositions, resulting in a contemplation within the constant flux of landscape, a study of its pacing and intervals.

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Lisbon’s Sound Art Greenhouse

The second edition of Lisboa Soa: a multiple day event which presents
sound art installations and performances which discuss urbanism and auditory culture, this time at a beautiful botanic greenhouse in the centre of Lisbon.

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Animas River Sound Sculpture

The metal sound sculptures acknowledges how our limited temporal sensibilities are challenged by the imbrication of the geologic time of minerals, the historical time of extractive industries, and the immediate urgency of sane and equitable responses to rapid ecological change.

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