Canvas amplifiers evoke questions of power


IDEA: The potential of sound amplification, evoking questions of power and bravado found in musical and social environments.

WHAT: 'Variations' are inverted amplifiers and speakers showing their inside components. Re-inserted as visual components onto cotton and linen canvases. The wires puncture in and out of the canvas to create a visual composition. Connected to power, each canvas retains their functional role with a set sound and volume level.  'Felt variations' are wall based felt pieces which compel a tactile approach as they can be plucked and played by the participant. The pitch of the string can be changed through the pressing of the body against the object. The objects come with a performance, see video below.

WHY: The works investigate the underlying themes of performativity, ego, propaganda, excess and intimacy.

BY: Naama Tsabar

VIA:#MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGalley