Sound Art in Spain Exhibition

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LUGAN (Luis García Nuñez). Grifos Sonoros [Sound faucets], 1972 Sound sculpture. 

IDEA: The origins, history, diversity and vitality of the sound art produced in Spain from 1961 till now.

WHAT: A traveling exhibition with more than twenty sculptures, sound and video installations and specially commissioned phonographs (pieces based on field recordings) by Xabier Erkizia and Juanjo Palacios (respectively in Palma and Cuenca), next to that the exhibition features a variety of related objects that include books, scores, diagrams, documentary photographs, leaflets, posters, LPs, CDs and cassettes.

WHY: A comprehensive overview of sound art as it developed in Spain from the sixties to the present, focusing on the emergence and early development, when the term 'sound art' was not stated yet as such.

BY: Museo Fundación Juan March (Palma), Museo de Arte Abstracto Español (Cuenca) and guest curators #JoséIges and #JoséLuisMaire

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

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Oscar Abril Ascaso. Obras sobre el silencio (Works on Silence), 2002.

Concha Jerez y José Iges. Inventario, [Inventory], 1992–1998.

Victor Nubla and Antón Ignorant. Delirio de Dioses. [Delirium of the Gods] Frenètic Records, 1986

Mikel Arce. *.Wav, 2004

Arte Sonoro en España 1961-2016