The 'Lorem Ipsum' of sound

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IDEA: Do not look for the message. This text is an image, the words pixels, the syllables noise.

WHAT: A sound art installation exploring the infamous Latin 'Lorem Ipsum' text, used in publishing and editorial contexts, which allows focusing only on the visual and graphical aspects of the product. If the human ear can be compared to a radio receiver that is able to decode electromagnetic waves and recode them as sound, the human voice may be compared to the radio transmitter in being able to translate sound into electromagnetic waves.  The characteristic role of language with respect to thought is not to create a material phonic means for expressing ideas, but to serve as a link between thought and sound.

WHY: The exhibition questions the language, particularly the speech, a tool that simultaneously convey two immaterial phenomena: the thought and the sound.


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Suppose that, instead of displaying the Stars and Stripes, we were to write the words “American flag” across a piece of cloth and to display that.

Noise is full of words was formerly a performance in which a vocal recognition software writes down in real time what it understands from the sound produced by an electric guitar, as consequence of a glitch. 

In itself, thought is like a swirling cloud, where no shape is intrinsically determinate. No ideas are established in advance, and nothing is distinct before the introduction of linguistic structure. Phonic substance is neither more fixed nor more rigid than thought. The characteristic role of language with respect to thought is not to create a material phonic means for expressing ideas but to serve as a link between thought and sound.

The result was compiled into an eponymous book. The text that it contains is the translation by the computer of a noisy mass of sound into words and phrases. 

What takes place is a somewhat mysterious process by which 'thought-sound' evolves into divisions, and a language takes shape with its linguistic units in between those two shapeless masses. The choice of a given slice of sound to name a given idea is completely arbitrary.

The project takes today the form of an in-situ installation where the action of motors on the musical instruments replaces the gestures of the performer.

Synonyms: words with the same meaning that can replace each other in a statement without changing the sense of it.

The red light is a visual sign that highlights something underway. In recording studios, it imposes silence because of the recording process.

"Only the words break the silence, all other sounds have ceased. If I were silent I’d hear nothing. But if I were silent the other sounds would start again, those to which the words have made me deaf, or which have really ceased. But I am silent, it sometimes happens, no, never, not one second. I weep too without interruption. It’s an unbroken flow of words and tears. (…) And I should hear, at every little pause, if it’s the silence I say when I say that only the words break it. But nothing of the kind, that’s not how it is, it’s for ever the same murmur, flowing unbroken, like a single endless word, and therefore meaningless, for it’s the end gives the meaning to words". Beckett, S. Texts For Nothing No. 8