From here to ear

From here to ear 01 THUMB.jpg

Visitors standing in he aviary set up with 70 birds and 14 guitars.

IDEA: Transliterations of natural structure, aural identification of certain realities which are not seen for eyes.

WHAT: The 19th version of an organic installation specifically conceived for the spaces of the Contemporary Art Square of the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, transformed into a gigantic aviary. Resulting in a sonic arrangement featuring seventy zebra finches, electric guitars, amplifiers and cymbals. Seventy songbirds fill a room littered with 14 electric guitars on stands. As the birds perch on the strings of the guitars, they create a cacophonous song of pre-recorded rock, punk and heavy-metal chords.

WHY: The artistry lies in the disjointed music as a product of living.

BY: #CélesteBoursierMougenot at the #MontrealMuseumFineArts

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

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Zebra finches picking seeds and triggering a Zildjian cymbal. 

Fender guitar amps, amplify the guitar sounds.

Visitor enjoying the blast of vitality in being surrounded by animals.

The finches can also rest in nests installed in the aviary.