On The Sensations of Tone

Sensations of tone 03 THUMB.jpg

Katerina Undo, W/HOLE, 2014

IDEA: An exploratory exhibition on the propagation of sound in the human body.

WHAT: 'On the sensations of tone' brings together three artists where sound, listening, the ear of the listener and the composer are essential elements in their work. This approach evokes the theories of Hermann Ludwig von Helmholtz (1821-1894) in his seminal work 'The physiological theory of music based on the study of auditory sensations', published in 1865 in Germany.

WHY: It pays attention to the propagation of sound in the ear, and researches the ear as an essential element to compose music.

BY: #JacobKirkegaard, #DawnScarfe and #KaterinaUndo at #LeBonAccueil from April 22 to May 22.

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

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Dawn Scarfe, Listening Glasses, 2013

Jacob Kirkegaard, Earside Out, 2016