Meteorite Earth Speaker

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Signe Lidén, Skala, 2015

IDEA: Can a lump of iron ore become an electric coil, and transmit sound through a meteorite?

WHAT: The installation Skala was made for the Palm Room in the Plant House of Bergen´s Botanical Gardens. On the path between the palms, a copper-wound iron meteorite laid in a display case of wood, glass and metal. Sound signals were transmitted into the copper wire and then set off vibrations in the stone. The slight vibrations resonated in the metal plate on which it stood, and the sound became acoustically audible. The meteorite sent low-key sounds out into the space.

WHY: In 1903, when Kristian Birkeland wanted to test his theories of how the Aurora Borealis arises, he built a small magnetic model of the Earth by winding copper wire in layers around an iron core. He hung this ‘terrella’ inside a glass chamber. By passing current through a cathode ray tube, the ‘sun’ of the model, the electric charge produced ‘polar light’ in the Earth-miniature’s magnetosphere. 

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Signe Lidén, Skala, 2015

Prints of Birkeland´s terrella photographed in Lidén´s studio, original photos are in the archives of Oslo Technical Museum

Signe Lidén, Skala, 2015