Sculptural Musical Weather Scores

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Urban Weather Prairies - Symphonic Studies in D Reed, wood, data, 16’x15’x15’, 2009 Urban Weather Prairies is based on data collected in Omaha, Nebraska, during a 2-month period (May /June 2008), while she was an Artist in Residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Miebach chose to translate the data she collected in the format of an orchestra as a way to more truthfully articulate the somewhat idiosyncratic way she was making sense of her daily weather observations. Just like each instrument in a symphony plays part of the score, each sculpture and wall piece tells part of the story, with the entirety of the piece coming together through the larger behavioural patterns that slowly emerge over time. The wall space uses the rectangle as varies maps of Nebraska or urban centers of Nebraska.

IDEA: Translate weather data into sculptures and music.

WHAT: A series of musical scores entirely based on weather data, which are adapted by composers to musical performance. In conjunction, these scores are also translated into woven sculptural, data translations that also function as 3D musical scores.

WHY: Weaving as a highly effective grid through which to interpret data in three-dimensional space and sound.

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External Weather, Internal Storms, 2009

External Weather, Internal Storms 33”x40 External Weather, Internal Storms 33”x40"x60" Reed, metal, wood, data 2009

Musical Buoy in Search Towards a New Shore, 2009

Musical Buoy in Search Towards a New Shore (Dedicated to Melvin Maddocks) 32”x32”x32”, Wood, data, reed, 2009

Elaine Rombola ( Performances of Jean’s Passing. Church organ, Nave Gallery, Somerville, Navigating Into a New Night. Piano. Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA Stormy Weather, Internal Storm. & Navigating Into a New Night. Piano, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

Hurricane Noel

Hurricane Noel

A Duet of Blizzards wood, paper, rope, data 6 ‘ x 8’, 2010 This sculpture is written for 2 musicians. In this score, weather data (barometric pressure, temperature, dew point and wind) of two different blizzards in Dec 2007 and Feb 1978 are translated. Both storm systems caused havoc on roadways in New England as people tried to leave the city, but found themselves grid-locked on highways as the snow slowly buried them.

Hurricane Noel II paper, cardboard, bamboo, data 9’x6’, 2010 This musical score tracks the path of Hurricane Noel along the Eastern Seaboard as it traveled from the Haiti all the way to Nova Scotia. Written in two parts, the prelude translates weather data of cities along the coast, while the main score focuses on Noel’s behaviour within the Gulf of Maine.

She's Coming on Strong 9'x9'x1', paper, wood, data, 2011 This piece is a musical score that tracks the paths of both Hurricane Grace and the Halloween Storm, which together created the

The Fifteen Ships of Georges Banks 20 The Fifteen Ships of Georges Banks 20"x20"x20", 2015 Reed, wood, rope, data 3D musical score that juxtaposes the meteorological behaviors of Hurricane Noel as it passed through New England with a fishing shanty called "The Fifteen Ships of Georges Banks". Data sources used are those of an ocean buoy located on Georges Banks and the story of the shanty.