The Sound Forest

The Sound Forest 01 THUMB.jpg

'The Sound Forest' exhibition, Firstdraft, 2016

IDEA: Preconceived notions are overturned as sound is relocated to unexpected places, how does sound become into being?

WHAT: Vicky Browne is an installation artist who utilises everyday objects such as Walkmans, iPods, clothing and furniture to comment on Western systems of consumption and production. Browne often manipulates the familiar using traditional craft methods (such as knitting or weaving), and she regularly employs found or produced sound.

WHY: The Sound Forest is dense with vibrations and finding your way through the foliage will leave you awed and increasingly aware of the world around you.

BY: #VickyBrowne at #Firstdraft until 27 May, Sydney.

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

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Vicky Browne, Bells with Bells, 2015.

Vicky Browne, Bells with Bells, 2015.

Vicky Browne, The Graphite Drawing Machine, 2015