Soundwave ((7)) Architecture Biennial

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IDEA: Explore sonic connections to our built environment which shape our lives as humans.

WHAT: An innovative sound, art and music festival that happens all over San Francisco, often in unusual locations and environments. With over 30 performances and works and 50 participating artists, Soundwave ((7)) Architecture will take audiences on a citywide adventure by highlighting the multitude of architecturally iconic museums, cathedrals, and historic sites. Artists will activate these spaces, transforming them into sites for provocative and insightful experiences. Daring artists will present projects that explore urban and spatial acoustics, biological architecture, personal and communal site histories, ambisonics, virtual architectonics, sonic materialities, and the city as an instrument.  Soundwave runs for a full two months from July 1st to September 3rd, 2016.

WHY: Inspire audiences to listen beyond the surface, connect with each other and find innovative ways to see, hear, and interact with the environment around us.

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Featured artists:

Mary Franck and Kadet Kuhne, Surabhi Saraf, Matthew Howell, Colin Evoy Sebestyen and Nonagon, Andrew Blanton, Christopher Willits, Shane Myrbeck, Kinetech Arts, Suzy Poling, Elia Vargas and Nathan Blaz.

Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition
Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition
Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition
Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition