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Land Harps

The Land Harps project revolves around sculptures that enable the landscape to create sound compositions, resulting in a contemplation within the constant flux of landscape, a study of its pacing and intervals.

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Lisbon’s Sound Art Greenhouse

The second edition of Lisboa Soa: a multiple day event which presents
sound art installations and performances which discuss urbanism and auditory culture, this time at a beautiful botanic greenhouse in the centre of Lisbon.

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A 4G network turned into music

Inviting one to experience how data generated through a person's reality and behavioural patterns can be revived from the digital world and returned to the real one by being transformed into generative music. 

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An interactive ambiance sound installation that reacts on the humidity of the room, the temperature of the audience’s skin and translates the vaporization rate into a sound modulation. 

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Aural landscape of WW1

White gramophone horns play a contemporary sound piece 'Say goodbye to someone you love' and symbolize lilies and signify the amplification of loss.

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'Listen to yourself'

Three objects twisted and recombined, their original function transformed through inversion. Adam Basanta's new solo exhibition 'Inversion as a literary device' in Prague (CZ). 

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War Damaged Musical Instruments

Collect, record and display old musical instruments which were damaged by war. Fourteen recordings of British and German brass and wind instruments damaged in conflicts over the last centuries.

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Experiment in F# Minor

'Experiment in F# Minor', is installed in the rear gallery of Luhring Augustine New York until June 11. On a large table sits a collection of bare speakers of all shapes and sizes. Light sensors are inlaid into the edge of the table and as the viewers move around the room, their shadows cause the various sound and instrumental tracks to fade up and overlap, mingle and fade down. Numerous viewers in the room create a cacophony of musical compositions that vary according to where the audience walks or how many people are in the room. When the space is empty, the table fades to silence.
#JanetCardiff #GeorgeBuresMiller, #LuhringAugustine #SoundArt #InstallationArt #SoundSculpture #ContemporaryArt #ExperimentalArt #Music #Exhibition

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Global synth connecting geospatial sounds

Tapping into every sound generated by musicians around the globe. An interactive electronic instrument installation that allows users to synthesize 'environmental sounds' from across the world. The synthesizer is comprised of dozens of modules from Moog and other module makers, and laid out in an approximation of the global map. The cabinet is beautifully crafted in wood, containing the modules and several speakers. The various modules, aglow with light and humming with sound, are connected via patch cables, evoking the network of undersea cables that constitutes the Internet’s circulatory system. Crowdsourced sound art in a divers global spectrum.

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Sonic cabinet of curiosities

An interactive sound archive that explores ways of presenting and categorising sound collections. A cabinet of sonic curiosities, explored through the eyes, ears, and the imagination. In exploration of their continuously changing and growing archive of sound spores, art collective Kinokophone created this interactive sound archive that explores ways of presenting and categorising sound collections, titled Kinokologue. Two Kinokphone members, Jon and Amanda, selected a number of sounds from their audio collections to be housed inside Kinokologue. These sounds were sent to fellow Kinokophone artists, Akiko and Takashi, who listened to the recordings without knowing the sound source. Akiko responded to the sounds through colourful embroideries and Takashi through sculpted models, each of which were placed inside the cabinet as sonic specimen slides and sonic specimen models. Sound playback is initiated by visitors placing a corresponding sonic specimen slide into a viewing box, opening a drawer, or by plugging headphones into a headphone jack. Visitors can view the sculptures and embroideries while composing soundscapes by listening to as many or few of the sounds at one time. They can also contribute ideas about how to categorise our uncategorised sound spores and browse through archived suggestions left by previous visitors. #kinokophone #davidmarshfurniture #SoundArt #ContemporaryArt #OutsiderArt #Curiosities #SoundSculpture #InstallationArt

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Meteorite Earth Speaker

Can a lump of iron ore become an electric coil, and transmit sound through a stone? The installation 'Skala' was made for the Palm Room in the Plant House of Bergen´s Botanical Gardens. On the path between the palms, a copper-wound iron meteorite laid in a display case of wood, glass and metal. Sound signals were transmitted into the copper wire and then set off vibrations in the stone. The slight vibrations resonated in the metal plate on which it stood, and the sound became acoustically audible. The meteorite sent low-key sounds out into the space.
#SigneLindén #magnetism #meteorite #soundart #soundsculpture #speaker #techart #installationart #contemporaryart #conceptualart #experimentalart

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On The Sensations of Tone

An exploratory exhibition on the propagation of sound in the human body. 'On the sensations of tone' brings together three artists where sound, listening, the ear of the listener and the composer are essential elements in their work. This approach evokes the theories of Hermann Ludwig von Helmholtz (1821-1894) in his seminal work 'The physiological theory of music based on the study of auditory sensations', published in 1865 in Germany. It pays attention to the propagation of sound in the ear and researches the ear as an essential element to compose music.

#JacobKirkegaard, #DawnScarfe #KaterinaUndo #LeBonAccueil #ContemporaryArt #SoundArt #ExperimentalArt #ConceptualArt #AudioResearch #SoundInstallation #InstallationArt #SoundSculpture

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Audio Foam Cutter

A fully analog and kinetic way of sound visualisation. The Audio Foam Cutter transforms sound into styrofoam. A hot-wire cutter mounted on a servo motor which is controlled by audio signals, allows users to real-time cut the sound input vertically into the material. The resulting cutouts can be used to assemble casting molds or they can stand alone as  sound sculptures.
#ReinhardGupfinger #SoundShifting #AudioFoamCutter #SoundArt #MusicSculpture #SoundSculpture #AudioVisualisation #ContemporaryArt #TechArt #InstallationArt #FoamCutting #3D

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The best music and sound related art of Art Cologne

An overview of the best of music and sound related art at Art Cologne, the world's oldest art fair for modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st century.

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The End Of Radio

An audio installation consisting of nearly two hundred microphones on stands, which send out signals instead of receiving them. The energy of the recordings from a street survey, which the artist used for the installation, has been preserved, even though the sound has been transformed so much that you can only hear interference or individual words. The title has been borrowed from a song by the band Shellac which poses the question whether transmission is still possible without any listeners.
#KonradSmolenski #SoundArt #SoundInstallation #ArtInstallation #ContemporaryArt #ConceptualArt #FreeSpeech #Politics #InstallationArt #Microphones #power

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Yarn installation lets you experience music physically

A colourful creation, made from yarn, that represents the sounds of music in a physical form. 'Synth' is taking place in the decaying atmosphere of an abandoned Washington D.C. building. The lines of yarn let you follow along becoming connected with the piece and the more you do so, the colours blend drawing you to another world, just like music does. 

#SoundSculpture #SoundInstallation #SoundArt #AudioSculpture #MusicSculpture #MusicInstallation #InstallationArt #ContemporaryArt #Architecture #Synth #Yarn #Tokiseries #Washington

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Oiled rock'n roll

A set of sculptural audio filters through which 'Breakaway Songs' is diffused in the exhibition space. Moved by automated cranes, two hydrophones dive in motor oil. The music gets altered and distorted by the thick liquid and affected by noises from the mechanics and motors. #JulienGrossmann #SoundArt #InstallationArt #MusicSculpture #SoundSculpture #Dordtyart #ContemporaryArt #BreakawaySongs #Rocknroll #USNavy #Oil #Oiltanker #Ship #Sea

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