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Music for ceiling fan and tubes

Artistic ideas are like mutations of the reasonable. 'Music or Ceiling Fan and Tubes' is a performance with a ceiling fan and tubes, performed in Suleymania, South Kurdistan, Iraq.

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Resonant Sculpture Project

A site-specific series of music performances based on acoustic interactions between the improvisations of musician Avram Fefer and the large-scale sculptures of Richard Serra.

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Soft Revolvers

A music performance for four acryl spinning tops. Each spinning top, 10’ in diameter, is associated with an ‘instrument’ or part in an electronic music composition. Gyroscopes and accelerometers communicate with a computer where the motion data is collected (speed, instability, acceleration, etc.) which is used for a music algorithm. LEDs placed inside the tops illuminate the body of the objects in counterpoint to the music. A camera placed above the performance table provides a video projection behind the artist, as an integral part of the performance. The behaviour of the objects adds unpredictability and makes each performance unique. #MyriamBleau #SoundArt #PerformanceArt #SpinningTop #Turntabllism #MusicPerformance #ContemporaryArt #DJ #HipHop #ElectronicMusic #VideoArt

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