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David Bowie's record player and art collection auction

David Bowie's collection contains a 1965 radiophonograph design by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni Brionvega, which will auctioned at Sotheby's.

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Circuit board album

A functional 1-bit electronic circuit board album. 'Noise Patterns' comes as a minimalist matte-black circuit board with a headphone jack in the side.

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Sonic cabinet of curiosities

An interactive sound archive that explores ways of presenting and categorising sound collections. A cabinet of sonic curiosities, explored through the eyes, ears, and the imagination. In exploration of their continuously changing and growing archive of sound spores, art collective Kinokophone created this interactive sound archive that explores ways of presenting and categorising sound collections, titled Kinokologue. Two Kinokphone members, Jon and Amanda, selected a number of sounds from their audio collections to be housed inside Kinokologue. These sounds were sent to fellow Kinokophone artists, Akiko and Takashi, who listened to the recordings without knowing the sound source. Akiko responded to the sounds through colourful embroideries and Takashi through sculpted models, each of which were placed inside the cabinet as sonic specimen slides and sonic specimen models. Sound playback is initiated by visitors placing a corresponding sonic specimen slide into a viewing box, opening a drawer, or by plugging headphones into a headphone jack. Visitors can view the sculptures and embroideries while composing soundscapes by listening to as many or few of the sounds at one time. They can also contribute ideas about how to categorise our uncategorised sound spores and browse through archived suggestions left by previous visitors. #kinokophone #davidmarshfurniture #SoundArt #ContemporaryArt #OutsiderArt #Curiosities #SoundSculpture #InstallationArt

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