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Sound & music art at Art Basel Hong Kong

An overview of sound and music related art at Art Basel's fifth edition in Hong Kong features 242 premier galleries from 34 countries and territories.

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The uncomfortable sound of the European refugee crisis.

A sensorial take on analyzing the European refugee crisis. Photography, video and sound operate simultaneously, for a little too long, causing discomfort.

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Field Recording Photos

A photographic and audible study of nature. 'Nash Point / Monk Nash' is a photographic, phonographic and electro-acoustic study of a stretch of the Glamorgan coastline recorded over a year. The area is hostile to humans: unstable collapsing stones, strong currents and low frequency rumble, give it a sense of otherness. The area fluctuates between stillness and violence, quiet and noise: noise that silences the internal monologue. On a calm day the sound of the lone gong buoy resonates clearly and carries to the shore. The walk from Nash Point down to Monk Nash can be eerily peaceful, and yet instability always hangs in the air. #WillParker #mono_on #SoundArt #FieldRecording #Photography #ContemporaryArt #Photo #NashPoint #MonkNash #Acoustics #EnvironmentalSound

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Stereo People

The 'Stereo People' exhibition are stereoscopic photos of Belgrade’s cult rock bands in their personal ambiance of concert halls and rehearsal studios. The images are imprinted with shades of red and cyan colours in anaglyphic technology which gives a stereo image when viewed through 3D glasses.

#MusicPhotography #Photography #StereoscopicPhotos #Stereoscope #Anaglyphic #Rocknroll #3Dphoto #3Dglasses

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Ingredients for music

The Instagram account of musician and multi disciplinair artist Marcus Fischer. A series of his personal collection of instruments, synthesizers and DIY audio gear. These acoustic instruments and audio equipment are used to create his music and soundscapes. #MusicPhotography #Photography #DIY #ContemporaryArt #MusicArt #MusicProduction #SoundArt #Soundscape #Synthesizer #AudioGear

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