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Music for ceiling fan and tubes

Artistic ideas are like mutations of the reasonable. 'Music or Ceiling Fan and Tubes' is a performance with a ceiling fan and tubes, performed in Suleymania, South Kurdistan, Iraq.

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Land Harps

The Land Harps project revolves around sculptures that enable the landscape to create sound compositions, resulting in a contemplation within the constant flux of landscape, a study of its pacing and intervals.

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Time Strata

A site specific installation that’s also performance, on the edge of the Cesar Chavez Park pier San Diego, with the audience generating a composition in real time, together with nature and industry.

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A huge mixtape of history

 'KALEIDOSCOPE: A moment Of Grace' is Modern Art Oxford’s series of evolving exhibitions to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Part if this exhibition is a sound installation, containing approximately 4000 cassette tapes from family, friends, record stores and the Internet. Ranging from commercially sold audiobooks, popular music, independent labels, mixtapes, and home recordings, they have been cut and spliced together to create 52 reels, holding approximately 40 hours of sound and music each. These reels exist as mixes, combinations of various sounds by a number of authors that play constantly during the museum’s opening hours, corresponding to a cycle of human consistency. The work hinges on the presence of a listener yet the exhibition itself represents only a partial span of its length with the same sound never played twice. 

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Boréal’s music drawings

An expression of the synthesis between a music ensemble and the image of their sound. A speaker membrane and a pencil translate sonic vibrations. Handmade boxes, numbered and limited to 100 copies. 

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