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Although externally illogical, their anti-releases serve as a form of provocation that attempts to force interaction on the part of the listener by implementing tangible manifestations of abstract concepts.

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10 summer readings about sound and art

Use this reading list of books about sound and music in art, for your summer holiday hammock moment.

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Sound Positions at Context Art Fair New York

A special program dedicated to sound art at Context Art Fair New York. Sound Positions creates an immersive and intimate listening experience, with works by an international selection of emerging and established sound artists.Audio artworks by an international selection of established and emerging artists from North America, Europe, and Asia. A collection of: electronic composition, field recording, audio poetry, experimental documentary, and sound collage. Each work invites the listener to enter into an alternate sonic world that rewards careful and sustained attention – for a minute, a half hour, or longer.

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Picó Subwoofer Mirror Installation

A big subwoofer with reflective surface, made from 25 µm thin polyethylene terephthalate mirror foil, titled 'Picó Blitz'.When activated, the low sound frequencies create concave and convex distortions in the reflective foil and produces a stroboscopic and blurring effects. 

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